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Improve Your Yard

Why Remove the Tree Stump?

  • Stumps attract insects

  • Tripping hazard

  • Stumps can cause new tree growth

  • Mowing hazard

  • Takes up yard space

New tree shoots can pop up around the stump, and you may need harsh chemicals to completely get rid of them. Removing the stump is a safe alternative to chemical treatment.

Remove that unsightly stump today and increase your usable yard space!

Call now for a FREE estimate on stump removal.

Get Your Old Tree Stump Removed Today

It's an eyesore. It's a tripping hazard. And it's just a pain to have to mow around it. Get rid of that old tree stump today with services from Green Trees in Pasadena, MD. Call us today for a FREE estimate on stump removal!


Stump removal involves more than just digging it out of the ground. Consideration needs to be made for your foundation, the rest of your lawn, and the root system. Call today to get fully insured professionals that will remove that stump properly.

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